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phillyblunts wrote on 15 minutes ago


That moment when your debating if you should rub one out or not


Vicious Vibe wrote on 26 minutes ago

This nonsense Bullshit...

People are saying the world will end this Saturday...Yet NASA and Other's say it's all a hoax.

I believe it's a fucking Hoax cause it was supposed to end in 2012 and 2014.

What are your thought's?


Thebeanz wrote on 46 minutes ago

Want to play ?

Let's play if you want ;)


CDandTGurlLuvr wrote on an hour ago

Femboys on the Brain

When things get stressful at work and school, my need for fun fembois always escalates. Maybe it's all the pent up energy, anger, and frustration that makes me crave nothing more than a tight perky butt and an eager feminine pet.


Shojikina ryu wrote on an hour ago

My love need to be Caught, my heart became like a butterfly (good night i will check msg tomorrow)

my heart wonder around like a butterfly, waiting to be caught.


so anybody can give it a try and might catch me~

msg me to start the chat and let's see how far it goes from there^^


see you at the flower field ~💕My love is ready to get Caught


The_specialist wrote on an hour ago

looking for friends to chat with.

hello. Id love to make some new friends that I can chat with about the sexual and non sexual things. For non sexual I like to game (xbox one) and I like reading and watch movies. As for sexual that list is significantly longer. I like strapons and pegging, shemales/dickgirls, anal, chastity devices, mdlb (mommy dom little boy), futanari, rape(consentual/non consentual). femdom and a list of others.

If you want to chat about any of these things then send me a message.

Have a great day.


J.V wrote on an hour ago

Female Or Shemale 9 (reaveling)

I ask you, guys, a little help with my search. I'll post a picture (without showing the genitalia) and you'll say if is female or shemale, cis or trans, woman or man, whatever term you'd like to use. Okay? I count on you :]

enter image description here


TheRealB.O.B. wrote on an hour ago

Been too long.

I haven't had an orgasm caused by someone else in a year. Ugh. I have such strong urges now I masturbate multiple times a day. Can anyone relate? How long has it been for you? Got any advice?


CyanideCherry wrote on an hour ago

500 internal error

Anyone else getting the error notice of 500 internal error on their videos?


Fluorescent_Dan wrote on 2 hours ago

Earthquake Relief Donations

(Nighttime Reblog)

As most of you probably know, Mexico has been hit with a 7.1 earthquake this week, leaving at least 250 dead with thousands more wounded and/or homeless. I know Luscious is a casual free-erotica website, but if you'd like to donate to aid the victims of this natural disaster, here are a few reliable charity sources for you to use:

Mexican Red Cross:

Direct Relief Organization: https://directrelief